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Positive Duty provides a comprehensive turnkey solution to the significant new compliance regime with very little or no disruption to your business operations. Our services address the key areas defined by the Australian Human Rights Commission in response to the Anti-Discrimination and Humans Rights Legislation (Respect@Work) Act.

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Our Specialist Team

We are committed to providing your company with a reliable and effective service that is easy to follow and implement. Our services will ensure your employees understand sexual harassment and how they can best respond.

Our services

Our service delivery includes:

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Comprehensive sexual harassment business policy and processes written in plain English.

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Risk Assessments

Annual risk assessment of your business’s ability to meet its statutory Positive Duty requirements.

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Annual training line managers in their statutory obligations under the Positive Duty legislation.

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Control Measures

Creation of control measures to enable your business to stay on track to achieve its Positive Duty compliance.

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Help Desk

Help desk for your line managers (9am-5pm on business days)

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Complaint Portal

Helps desk for employees needing assistance with harassment complaints (9am-5pm on business days)

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Induction Training

Training for new employees to enable your business to meet the Positive Duty requirements

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Employee training

Annual training for employees.

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Action Plans

Action plan for business management to achieve the seven standards of leadership.

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Annual employee survey relevant to the Positive Duty requirements.

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Third party certification of Positive Duty training delivered to your workforce.

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Data Collection

Data collection relevant to the statutory Positive Duty requirements.

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